Aditro Voice

The company values set a foundation for what we are, what we have been and where we are going. Through the Aditro voice we all can contribute of making the brand an even stronger one.

Here you find the Aditro Voice presentation that you can use as your guide when you communicate on behalf of Aditro towards a customer, in our solutions or in other types of situations.

The Aditro brand

It’s probably no news to you, but our world is changing, and it’s changing fast. Work is not only carried out at the workplace. People don’t stay at the same job forever. Their demands on the employers’ organisation to deliver a flawless Employer Experience is constantly rising. At the same time, admin is moving out from HR and payroll and in to the organisation, creating a heavier workload for people who are pretty busy as it is.

THE SWITCH – From technical platform to Employee Experience

The good thing is – our offer and our brand is changing too. We are about to switch the image of Aditro from provider of a technical platform to provider of the greatest Employee Experience in the HR admin business.


Employee Experience?

For the people in our client’s workforce, our products and services play no small role in the everyday life. Our mission is to make this interaction in time-tracking, payrolls and expense-reports as seamless and enjoyable as possible. And why would our clients pay attention to our efforts? Because HR-departments demands their organisations to self-administrate which creates more work for people with lots of other things on their minds.

Make work not admin

Everything we do strives to enhance the Employer Experience – technical barriers that hinders a good user experience? Eliminate it.  Functions and features that are pointless and complicated for the end user? Forget about it. We are all about eliminating time spent on administrating and helping people to free up time to do what they do really well – their actual work.

Brand promise

As our brand evolves, so does our brand promise. The purpose of the brand promise is to describe what we can offer to our clients without being too wordy. As you well know, the message needs some fine-tuning in order to suit the occasion, media, situation or target group.


This is the boiler plate we’re working with, it is pretty concentrated, and to keep things simple, it’s also our lengthier version of the Brand Promise:

Aditro. Job done.
What if HR and payroll admin was a lot less like hard work? What if there was an easier way to get the admin done and on with your job? There is. It’s Aditro. Intuitive, smart solutions designed for real people, real workplaces and the real world, created by the leading HR and payroll experts in the Nordics. Why not find out how Aditro can make work work better for your organization?
Aditro. Job done.
Aditro is one of the leading providers of HR and payroll solutions in the Nordics. By combining over 50 years’ expertise with today’s most advanced mobile tech, Aditro are fast re-defining how HR admin works. Fully digitized, intuitive solutions provide employees, managers and HR professionals alike with simple, innovative ways to get complicated HR chores done – quickly, easily, and efficiently. To find out how Aditro can make work work better for your organization, visit

Alternative payoffs:

Aditro – The leading HR & payroll admin specialist in the Nordics


Aditro – The Leading HR & payroll service provider in the Nordics


Aditro- The leading HR & payroll admin provider in the Nordics